Book Proposal

Sugar Gliders: Exotic Marsupials Sugar Gliders: Exotic Marsupials is a nonfiction piece about the animals themselves, along with their history and how to care for their special needs as pets. Chapter oder is as follows: The Sugar Glider Today History Choosing a Breeder Nutrition Housing Bonding Readers interested in sugar glider basics or readers wanting […]


Honestly, I’m at a loss about who to interview. I think a news paper employee would be good, whether they are an editor or a writer or whatever. I also think some sort of music person would be cool too. Like someone who… I don’t know. I can’t pick just one person or really anything […]

My Bucket List

1. Write at least one book. I love to read and write. I write songs, poetry, short stories, essays but I would love to finish a whole huge project, like a full novel, since I struggle with pushing through to finish tasks. 2. Write and record my own album of original tracks. Music is what […]

Here’s my pieces of pie.

Here's my pieces of pie.

1. Does your time management pie look tasty? Please provide percentages and describe each piece of your pie (e.g. eat, sleep, class, social, work, etc).

I spend 33.33% of my week sleeping.
I spend 4.16% of my week grooming.
I spend 6.25% of my week eating.
I spend 2.97% of my week traveling only one week days.
I spend 1.19% of my week traveling only on weekends.
I spend 5.35% of my week going to scheduled activities.
I spend 6.25% of my week running errands and doing chores.
I spend 7.67% of my week in class.
I spend 16.66% of my week socializing.
Which leaves me approximately 16.13% of my week for “free time.”

2. Where does most of your time go? Where does the least amount of your time go? Is it balanced?
Most of my time goes to sleeping. The lease of my time goes to work, but since I don’t have a job at the moment, the least of my time goes to weekend travel time, which I guess isn’t so bad. I’d say the pie looks pretty balanced, but I’m leaving out working out and being on the internet, which, in reality, is most of what’s left of my “free time.”

3. What are your “time wasters” or “time vacuums” have you identified in your weekly schedule? Can you modify this if you had to?

One here is definitely socializing. I also know that the media take up a ton of my schedule as well (thank you, interwebz). I could definitely modify this. It would be hard because I really like hanging out with friends and browsing my dash, buhhhht I’m paying tens of thousands of dollars for college so… yeah. My love of laziness could definitely be trumped.

4. After flipping through the “Managing Your Time” PowerPoint (above), what key time management areas do you want to improve & how will you go about tackling that challenge?

I want to start taking better advantage of wasted time. I already am a very good planner, but sometimes I take my deadlines far too lightly. I’ll try to change these things by making more time for things that are important. I’ll say no to playing League of Legends. I’ll say no to hanging out when I should be editing notes. I’ll put things to be accomplished earlier in my week in my planner. I’ve really got to learn to make time, rather than complaining about not having enough of it.

My Introduction

My full name is Savannah Leigh Montgomery. I come from Springtown, ‘Merica (as we like to call it). It’s a tiny town in the middle of everything but the majority of us have land and live in the country. It’s about 45 minutes away. I graduated from Springtown High School this past May, which was […]