Strong Results

I really liked this test and found it to be really accurate. I picked that I was in the artist, helper, and thinker categories and got the same (I think, not sure about thinking) on the results. I was highly artistic, moderately social, and moderately realistic, as you can see from below. I really liked […]

Learning Center Workshop

Today, I went to the learning center for the Test Taking Tips workshop at 10 AM. Nothing like perfecting the art of procrastination with one’s fellow UGHHHST crew. There were about 10 of us, with only three other non UGHHHST people in the room.   It was interesting, I guess. The whole thing was basically […]


At first, I didn’t think my MBTI fit me at all. I guessed in class that I was an INFJ, but the test scored me as ENTP. But here’s why it works either way, really: 1. My personality is very contradicting at times 2. I wasn’t “clear” or “very clear” in anything And the second […]


I took the test on my roommate Jovanna’s laptop, so here are just the numbers Linguistic: 35 Logical-Mathematical: 22 Musical: 39 Bodily-Kinesthetic: 26 Spatial-Visual: 25 Interpersonal: 34 Intrapersonal: 31   Not surprising that the highest is music and the second highest is words/language/reading/writing junk.  UGH. I will never be able to decide. Everything I love […]

My Learning Style(s)

Alright, so I have no friends with PCs over at the moment so I cannot take the Multiple Intelligences test, but I do have my results from the VARK we did in class. I was at first tied between aural, reading/writing, and kinesthetic until I actually read the directions and learned I could circle more […]