Learning Center Workshop

Today, I went to the learning center for the Test Taking Tips workshop at 10 AM. Nothing like perfecting the art of procrastination with one’s fellow UGHHHST crew. There were about 10 of us, with only three other non UGHHHST people in the room.


It was interesting, I guess. The whole thing was basically what we just talked about it class and not much differed. They did, however, say to observe blank size in Fill In the Blank objective questions… Silly willy walnut heads!


I had signed up for a workshop a couple of weeks ago that was over time management, but I had quidditch practice and didn’t know if I’d get out of it in time so I had to skip it. I’m kind of bummed out because it would have been more interesting to me, but the test taking one wasn’t so bad. We went over objective tests, like multiple choice, true false, short answer, and fill in the blank. We really focused on subjective tests, or really just essay tests, which was kind of boring because I don’t have trouble with that kind of test. I was just trained to take my tests well in elementary school, and since I follow steps and things like that pretty closely I tried them all out as recommended, but my creative side made me kind of choose what works for me on tests. I can’t look at the whole test and make a game plan because I get overwhelmed. I take it one question, one problem to be solved at a time, making it much more manageable to me. Making a game plan was suggested, though, and I guess the reason why this workshop was “meh” to me was because I don’t think there’s any specific way to universally take tests well, I think there are things that can improve your performance, but everyone’s brains are different. 


For instance, I actually do very well with cramming. I do, like the workshop instructor said, forget some of the information because I did so, but I learn very well just reading it all and working hard for a couple of hours and sleeping on it. Sleeping on it seems to seal it into my brain. But I don’t cram for eight hours, no way. I’ve never studied that long in my life! 


I have realized more so that I have made good grades just cramming so I haven’t set my standards higher. 


It’s college now, though, and I love to learn. I really need to work to add gradually reviewing to my test preparation. I would long term learn so much more, and I want that for myself. I’m paying tons of money to be here; I should at least remember what I’m paying for.


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