Money Management

This was BY FAR my favorite guest speaking thing, and I really didn’t understand why until I thought about it for a while. 

She’s either had leadership training, or is just a leader, or both.

Anyone could have made us do a hands on activity, but she was very involved and animated, even though most of us were groaning at the beginning. She kept her information precise, but still personable.

I really want to make an appointment with her to start planning my financial side of things, especially if I want to get apartment either next semester or year and get a job for sure next semester.

I liked that she was so enthusiastic, too – I wasn’t falling asleep!

I’ve been really worried about money and how to make everything work, and I’m hoping something like that would make me less anxious about it. 

She was just such a nice girl! 

When we went on the scavenger hunt in this class, my group had to go into the money management office. The lady at the desk was so nice and laughed at us taking pictures in the office like weirdos. She gave a card and told us to come in anytime. I really appreciated that. 

That whole place just gives me good vibes!

God, I’m so weird.


One thought on “Money Management

  1. 1) You’re not weird. 2) I’m glad you enjoyed the session & will be taking advantage of the SMMC for yourself. 🙂

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