Extra Response

What do you currently do to protect yourself? 

I worry about online and on campus safety constantly! I’m a pretty independent person, and I like to eat a meal by myself every once in a while and I like to walk around campus by myself or run around the park in my neighborhood alone. But in this time period, those things are often not possible to do safely, especially as a female. I don’t walk alone at night, but I do ride my bike alone. I have no choice with college assignments and meeting up to finish projects with it getting so late at night. I also keep my Facebook very protected.

Was there any part of this presentation that surprised or alarmed you? 

I never knew that there is HP address protector software, so that was interesting and I think I’ll look into it. I really need to also change more of my passwords and such so they aren’t all the same. I typically keep them different, but not different enough. Hahaha I feel like it’s unsafe even putting that up there!

 What can you do in your everyday life to better prevent the above mentioned crimes from happening to you?

I’ll definitely try to keep myself from walking alone too much, I’ll watch what I do on the internet, and I’ll definitely try to do things that are necessary to keep other from being unsafe too. I know too many of my friends who just walk around campus at night, or all the way down fry street and to the City Parc apartments at eleven at night. It’s just not safe. It’s unfair that it has to be this way, but that’s just what life is like now.

Hyperlink: http://melodyhere.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/teaching/


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