Power poses

Amy Cuddy’s Power Poses presentation was very intriguing. The fact that simple poses, minimal changes in stature, drastically affect the way someone presents themselves to others is mind blowing. 

The only qualm I have with this video is that they could have chosen naturally more dominant people to hold the powerful pose for two minutes and naturally more passive people to hold the powerless pose for two minutes, skewing the results. I think to effectively perform this type of experiment you’d have to use the same people in both poses, but spread them out over a couple weeks or a longer period of time.

But besides that, the lady had a pretty decent point: what other minimalistic changes in body language could change someone’s impressions on others? Could someone find the ultimate power pose and just be virtually unfaze-able? 

I also thought it was really interesting that you could see the change not only in the assessors’ opinions, but in hormone levels. Testosterone is the dominance hormone, which was not very surprising, and cortisol was the powerless hormone, which I am pretty sure has to deal with gaining weight along with stress. So interesting!

I personally do more powerful poses than powerless ones. I cross my arms a lot, but I put my hands on my hips and keep my shoulders open. I did, however, just have to roll my shoulders back from hunching them over.

I think body language does mean a lot and does certainly convey a lot. I would be interested in learning more about this topic.


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