I thought this guest speaker was really interesting. I’ve never really thought about what drives me in particular, I just have known I have always had values and stuck to them. I was also surprised to realize that I’m actually a pretty spiritual person for not being so keen on religion. I never knew there were so many different organizations focusing on these sorts of things. It was all very interesting! I was also glad to realize that for being so set in my opinions that I do the whole “holy envy” thing. If I could believe in religion and put faith like that in some sort of being, I would. It’s just never been in me, even as a kid. I always admire the people who can so steadfastly hold to their beliefs and not need to really “know” anything or be “proved” anything to believe so wholly in their God or religion. I think it’s simply an attribute I don’t possess, and I don’t think I ever will. I also found it interesting that I’m kind of starting to think that maybe I’m okay with that, and that that guy’s silly presentation made me think of it in forty minutes in ways I have never thought about it in days.


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