Just the End of the Beginning

I have grown quite a bit this semester. I’ve changed in ways I did not expect and remained the same in ways I had hoped I could. It was hard to find friends since I stuck with my new friends too early and too much, but once I made sure to branch out I’ve met a ton of new people that I absolutely love. And the best part about college is that if I find people I don’t get along with, I don’t have to see them again if I don’t want to. Ever. Which is completely different from living in a town with 2,000 people in it. Academically I expected college to be fairly harder than high school, but I’ve found it to be about easier but more time consuming. I also feel like I’m not challenged in a few of my classes, but I’ve also gotten my butt kicked by Elementary Statistics. ELEMENTARY STATISTICS.

This class has taught me so many valuable skills that I will need for the rest of my college career and probably my life. I know how I should talk to people, I know how to interview someone, I know how to find anything I need on campus, and I know how to survive college with all it’s dauntingly crazy aspects and expectations. Most importantly I came into a class that grew into a little family. It made it easier to approach fellow UGhhhSTers in other classes and settings because I already knew them. UGST has been a safe environment to ask questions in and to learn in. I really loved that.

I’ve learned so much about myself and what I could choose for my future through this class. We all were pretty lost in the beginning and I can say that I definitely am much less so now thanks to all the reflection and personality exploration. I keep narrowing down that major list, and I know I’ll definitely have it picked out by the end of next semester.

I cannot say enough about how much this class helped me and I am sad to see it end. But this class was just all our beginnings, really, and we’ve had an especially unique and advantageous beginning because of it.

Thank you Laura, Erin, and Adrienne. I know our class also is special compared to the others, and your effort and creativity really made all the difference to me. 

Thank you, UGST kids, for being so accepting and so fun to grow with. I’ll be seeing you guys.


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