Just the End of the Beginning

I have grown quite a bit this semester. I’ve changed in ways I did not expect and remained the same in ways I had hoped I could. It was hard to find friends since I stuck with my new friends too early and too much, but once I made sure to branch out I’ve met […]


I thought this guest speaker was really interesting. I’ve never really thought about what drives me in particular, I just have known I have always had values and stuck to them. I was also surprised to realize that I’m actually a pretty spiritual person for not being so keen on religion. I never knew there […]

Extra Response

What do you currently do to protect yourself?  I worry about online and on campus safety constantly! I’m a pretty independent person, and I like to eat a meal by myself every once in a while and I like to walk around campus by myself or run around the park in my neighborhood alone. But […]

Power poses

Amy Cuddy’s Power Poses presentation was very intriguing. The fact that simple poses, minimal changes in stature, drastically affect the way someone presents themselves to others is mind blowing.  The only qualm I have with this video is that they could have chosen naturally more dominant people to hold the powerful pose for two minutes […]

Did You Know?

The Did You Know? video honestly scared the bejeezus out of me. China speaks more English than the US? Computers will be about to outthink us in a few years? What the heck?!?!?! I feel like the human race is becoming insignificant, and that intelligence won’t be worth anything once computers can think faster and […]

Financial Planning

By the end of this lesson, students will more thoroughly understand where to find help for financial planning problems and how to plan their financial spending. At 8:15 she talking about the actual facts. Before then, she describes different situations and crises that could have been avoided by utilizing the five facts. Financial planning is […]

Money Management

This was BY FAR my favorite guest speaking thing, and I really didn’t understand why until I thought about it for a while.  She’s either had leadership training, or is just a leader, or both. Anyone could have made us do a hands on activity, but she was very involved and animated, even though most […]

Strong Results

I really liked this test and found it to be really accurate. I picked that I was in the artist, helper, and thinker categories and got the same (I think, not sure about thinking) on the results. I was highly artistic, moderately social, and moderately realistic, as you can see from below. I really liked […]

Learning Center Workshop

Today, I went to the learning center for the Test Taking Tips workshop at 10 AM. Nothing like perfecting the art of procrastination with one’s fellow UGHHHST crew. There were about 10 of us, with only three other non UGHHHST people in the room.   It was interesting, I guess. The whole thing was basically […]