At first, I didn’t think my MBTI fit me at all.

I guessed in class that I was an INFJ, but the test scored me as ENTP.

But here’s why it works either way, really:

1. My personality is very contradicting at times

2. I wasn’t “clear” or “very clear” in anything

And the second one makes me kind of feel like I don’t have a definite identity. Lol.

It was interesting that the Job Families chosen for me were things I was already interest, the top one with a score of 100 being Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media. The problem is that I already knew I liked most of these things. I understand that these tests are supposed to help us by suggesting things that we like. But my problem isn’t knowing what I like, it’s finding something that I will actually do. I know what I like to do. And I guess I’m holding out hope that something I’ve never even thought of will jump out at me and change my life, but nothing like that has happened so far and I’m running out of time. I don’t want to be here for more than four years and I don’t have the money to pay for classes that I don’t need.

I don’t know. This was helpful in solidifying that I know what I want, but now it’s about what I actually choose to do.



I took the test on my roommate Jovanna’s laptop, so here are just the numbers

Linguistic: 35

Logical-Mathematical: 22

Musical: 39

Bodily-Kinesthetic: 26

Spatial-Visual: 25

Interpersonal: 34

Intrapersonal: 31


Not surprising that the highest is music and the second highest is words/language/reading/writing junk. 

UGH. I will never be able to decide.

Everything I love will make me poor.




My Learning Style(s)

Alright, so I have no friends with PCs over at the moment so I cannot take the Multiple Intelligences test, but I do have my results from the VARK we did in class.

I was at first tied between aural, reading/writing, and kinesthetic until I actually read the directions and learned I could circle more than one answer choice, which thankfully helped me narrow my styles to aural and reading/writing. 

It makes a lot of sense that those are my best learning styles considering all the time I’ve spent with music, which requires a quick learner in both aural and reading skills. 

I found that to be very interesting but I still felt like that explained a lot about me and so I didn’t feel so lost wondering about why I couldn’t just be one. 

It makes me feel better to know that I was conditioned to be both 😉

I really want to take that multiple intelligences test. 

I even asked my best friend Megan to come over, but she’s already in bad and sabotaging my grade simultaneously.


I’ll get my results up here ASAP.

PS: I tried to figure out how to calculate it manually, but it was just too much for my tired brain to handle so I’m going to bed early.

Like right now.


Book Proposal

Sugar Gliders: Exotic Marsupials

Sugar Gliders: Exotic Marsupials is a nonfiction piece about the animals themselves, along with their history and how to care for their special needs as pets. Chapter oder is as follows:

  1. The Sugar Glider Today
  2. History
  3. Choosing a Breeder
  4. Nutrition
  5. Housing
  6. Bonding

Readers interested in sugar glider basics or readers wanting to have a glider of their own will be the targeted audience. Many people who desire to own a glider have a difficult time gathering reliable information because not much official research has been done with the species as a household pet.

Because the species is fairly new to the exotic pet community there are very few books to compete with. However one book, Sugar Gliders by Peggy Brewer, is a definite competitor. My book would differ from most sugar glider books because it would contain multiple opinions regarding the same subjects. Within the glider community there are many care options; one must decide for themselves the best course of action to take with their own pet. I am qualified to write this book because I have been following glider information and reading multiple publication for the past 6 years. I have completed many projects about the species and have many contacts to interview for reliable information.


So that’s my book proposal! Pretty lame, but I absolutely adore these tiny wondrous little creatures. I’ve been obsessed since seventh grade, and they are always my go to topic if I’m stuck in a decision-making rut, like I usually am.


Honestly, I’m at a loss about who to interview.

I think a news paper employee would be good, whether they are an editor or a writer or whatever.

I also think some sort of music person would be cool too. Like someone who… I don’t know.

I can’t pick just one person or really anything specific. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I would be happy to interview anyone. I just want to know if people worry they made the wrong decision, or made a decision for the wrong reasons. What are the right reasons to choose a career? Happiness? Money? Passion? Ambition?

I guess it all just depends on what each of us think are the right reasons.

Too bad I feel like I have all this pent up desire to grow and decide but feel like I have twelve different ideas pulling me in twelve different directions simultaneously.

I suppose it would be important to me to interview someone with LOTS of experience; the more experience, the more mistakes, and therefore (ideally) the more successes. I need to interview someone who definitely has it all together, since I don’t.

I guess just anyone having to do with writing, editing, music, or even law.


My Bucket List

1. Write at least one book.

I love to read and write. I write songs, poetry, short stories, essays but I would love to finish a whole huge project, like a full novel, since I struggle with pushing through to finish tasks.

2. Write and record my own album of original tracks.

Music is what has always kept me going throughout my life. Music taught me things that nothing else could have; it has a surreal, magical quality to me. I have always sang and it is one of the things that makes me the most happy I can be. Expressing myself through it just feels… right. I would like to have enough faith in my abilities to do something so monumental to me.

3. Excel at working in the best career field for me.

Ambition has never been an issue for me. I want to perfect my purpose. I want to find something that makes me the happiest and can make me a decent amount of money as well.

4. Find true love and seize it.

Love is very important to me, even though I often act like it isn’t and that I am fine on my own. This period of my life is for me to accept myself for who I am and who I have become/will become. Later on, I will be able to handle someone loving all of me, even the less wonderful parts, as I love all of them. I will find that “spark,” that feeling that’s so electric but enchanting at the same time. I just want to have the courage and bravery to retire my walls and let someone think I’m a decent human being and believe that something like that is possible.

5. Open up an animal rescue center.

Animals mean more to me than most human beings. When I had a huge life meltdown my junior year of high school, my dog was the only one there for me every day and any time I needed him. We did everything together. Rather unfairly, he got taken away from me January of that year, and I’ve not been quite the same since. He had been a dumped puppy, unloved, abandoned. I don’t want any other animal to have to feel/live that way, especially when they have so, so much to give people. I think it’s only fair we return the favors that they’ve done for us.

6. Become an advanced piano player.

As I love learning, I have always been fascinated with the piano. My Grampie played, and he was one of my favorite and most influential people to have come into my life thus far. I think that’s part of my subconscious draw to that particular instrument. I think it is beautiful.

7. Travel to Greece.

Culture intrigues me, along with landscape and language. Greece has always been one of the most interesting places to me.

8. Find a lifelong friendship.

Although I say I don’t need friends, I do. I really figured that out this summer. I cut most of my ties with people in high school, and I have very few friends now and am still trying to find my place here. I really miss having a best friend, and to find one who would be there forever…. well, that’d pretty life changing.

9. Go on at least one wilderness survival trip before I’m 25.

I love nature, and I’m very big on “life is an adventure for me to find myself” junk. I really feel a month or so in the wilderness would teach me a lot about my instinctual and natural personality traits, them being stripped down to their essences and all. I think I would grow immensely from that kind of experience.

10. Continue to choose to live a healthy lifestyle throughout my life.

Most of the women in my family suffer with being overweight. I’ve seen what it’s done to them. I’ve seen how it makes them feel, how it makes them see themselves. It’s not worth it when it can be improved. That kind of state of health is not final. But I’ve learned that you have to get to the point where you love yourself enough to stop hating yourself, allowing you to choose to support your body so it can continue to support you.

11. Get a tattoo.

Self-expression is important to me, and I really want a meaningful tattoo. My rule is that I have to completely sketch out and plan a tattoo, consider it for a year, and if I still think it fits me and the paths I am taking, then I can get it.

12. Learn to be satisfied.

I struggle with being happy. I always want more: more knowledge, more money, more talent, more beauty, more humbleness, more worthwhileness. I want to teach myself to be content with life as is.

13. Meet Lana Del Rey and learn from her experiences as a musician and as a young woman living in the spotlight.

I am just obsessed with this lady. She gets so much hate for her performances, but I am proud of her. Tackling stage fright is hard, and at least she has the guts to go for it, unlike most people. I think she is so brave and incredibly intelligent. She keeps on. I know I could learn so much from her.

14. Buy back my favorite childhood home.

The happiest part of my young life was when my mom and I moved in with my Grampie and Grammie Mary when I was 4. They had this gorgeous, huge but homey bed and breakfast house in New Hampshire. I loved the fall leaves, the mountains, the old wooden floors, and the happiness. Besides my summer camp, it’s one of my favorite places in the world. To be able to live in it again would be a dream.

15. Be able to look back at my life and my choices at the age of 70 and thoroughly believe I led the best life I could have possibly lead.

This kind of coincides with being satisfied, but more so focuses on my fear of failure. I am terrified of being wrong or doing the wrong thing. I want to learn to accept challenges and speed bumps and detours and simply be okay with the kind of person I turn out to be.

Here’s my pieces of pie.

Here's my pieces of pie.

1. Does your time management pie look tasty? Please provide percentages and describe each piece of your pie (e.g. eat, sleep, class, social, work, etc).

I spend 33.33% of my week sleeping.
I spend 4.16% of my week grooming.
I spend 6.25% of my week eating.
I spend 2.97% of my week traveling only one week days.
I spend 1.19% of my week traveling only on weekends.
I spend 5.35% of my week going to scheduled activities.
I spend 6.25% of my week running errands and doing chores.
I spend 7.67% of my week in class.
I spend 16.66% of my week socializing.
Which leaves me approximately 16.13% of my week for “free time.”

2. Where does most of your time go? Where does the least amount of your time go? Is it balanced?
Most of my time goes to sleeping. The lease of my time goes to work, but since I don’t have a job at the moment, the least of my time goes to weekend travel time, which I guess isn’t so bad. I’d say the pie looks pretty balanced, but I’m leaving out working out and being on the internet, which, in reality, is most of what’s left of my “free time.”

3. What are your “time wasters” or “time vacuums” have you identified in your weekly schedule? Can you modify this if you had to?

One here is definitely socializing. I also know that the media take up a ton of my schedule as well (thank you, interwebz). I could definitely modify this. It would be hard because I really like hanging out with friends and browsing my dash, buhhhht I’m paying tens of thousands of dollars for college so… yeah. My love of laziness could definitely be trumped.

4. After flipping through the “Managing Your Time” PowerPoint (above), what key time management areas do you want to improve & how will you go about tackling that challenge?

I want to start taking better advantage of wasted time. I already am a very good planner, but sometimes I take my deadlines far too lightly. I’ll try to change these things by making more time for things that are important. I’ll say no to playing League of Legends. I’ll say no to hanging out when I should be editing notes. I’ll put things to be accomplished earlier in my week in my planner. I’ve really got to learn to make time, rather than complaining about not having enough of it.